Welcome to JAX+
Here we treat branding seriously, yet we do things around and about lightheartedly. We are in the communications business, and we use the latest technology and expertise to notch up brands to another level. We define your problems and collaboratively work on the sound solutions. We deploy traditional and digital channels to strengthen your brand. Needless to say, what we do is to find the voice of your brand and sing it out loud via relevant channels, and yes, we also include organizing an event. Have a look at what we’ve done and give us a call.

Design Driven, Creative Minds
JAX+ is an integrated communications agency based in Jakarta. We have established our presence in the creative industry to build brands by means of bringing freshness to our works and well-thought-out ideas.
Supported by design driven and creative minds, we share the same passion for and understanding in the power of good design for commercial benefits.
Using various medium and technologies, we combine our thinking, skills and efforts to come up with the freshest, most appropriate, and effective designs and communications solution for you.

Coworking Space
JAX+ introduces Habitat, a coworking space that is designed to free up your thinking. It’s an oasis to work in part of South Jakarta, with convenient access to various interesting points.

Creative Concept Development
A process to get to the Point-A before we take you to the Point-B, our creative concept development boasts relevant yet fresh creative solutions that can be translated into various different medium and purposes.

Branding & Identity
Building a brand requires proper planning and strategy to ensure your design, messaging, and overall branding efforts are as effective as possible.

Visual Design & Communication
Creative design plays a huge role in people’s perception of your brand, creating an emotional connection between a brand and its consumers. On message and efficient design is hard to come by, yet we make it possible.

Photography & Video Documentation
We help you create and develop elegant, professional photography and video production for any occasion to suit your story, including the use of the latest technology such as the 360º video.

Website Design & Apps Development
Well-planned and well-executed websites and apps tells a brand’s story effectively. It engages and informs an audience, and provides real business solutions.

Social Media
We use strategy, creativity and analytics to engage your audience and ensure your brand is part of the conversation.

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